Published Works

Half Past the Moonfall

It is said that you should never follow the Min Min Lights; they will lure you away never to be seen again.

So what does Katéa do? Chase after them of course!

Determined to capture the myth and make her fortune, this young Australian stumbles out of the bush and into a fantastical new world filled with pixies, dragons and perpetually drunk villagers, and even falls in love.

But not all is ever as it seems. An awakened evil stalks the land and Katéa finds herself in the centre of malevolent misfortune. Can she deafen this disaster she unwittingly helped summon or will the world be shrouded in darkness forever?

#Australian #Fantasy #Romance #Comedy

Written for NaNoWriMo 2018, Half Past the Moonfall is @kaelci’s debut novel. It was written using a daily prompt from the Freewrite House to propel the story forward. It is filled with questionable humour and content, is rather lewd and rude, and has a couple of graphic sex scenes.

It’s available on Amazon for $2.99 or you can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Vengeance (Forgotten Prophecy: Book One)

Her family was murdered; all that she’s known, destroyed. An ancient curse has rebirthed and Lyria is the sole survivor of its deadly wake.

Borne of an illegal bloodline, she must now build a new life in Lord Andru’s city without divulging her secret — a magic that serves as both gift and curse. However, Lyria is soon caught up in her Lord’s dogmatic beliefs and becomes embroiled within the deeper politics that guide their world.

Despite her desire to live a normal life, her hand is destined to shape the future… for better or for worse.

#DarkFantasy #Fantasy #Romance

Vengeance is a novel-length prologue that introduces the world of Fan’driel to the reader. A story that has been in @kaelci’s heart and mind since she was a child, this series is her “baby” and she is excited to finally be releasing it into the world.

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon for $3.99 and will soon be available on Kindle Unlimited. Release Date: September 12th 2020.