Kaelci is a woman of basic education and fewer qualifications who attempts to write intriguing #Fantasy, #DarkFantasy, #FantasyRomance, and nonsensical #Comedy despite the impossible odds that face indie authors.

There are no creative writing classes beneath her belt, but she has a love for the English language, an Australian sense of humour, and has indulged in her fantastical universes since childhood. Now she wishes to share the most special of those universes with you — Fan’driel.

She enjoys tormenting readers by using the British Dictionary, writing with obscure words that require said dictionary, and the Oxford comma.

From page one, I fell in love with Kaelci’s voice, her characters, and the quirkiness of their lives. A fresh, original voice is hard to find in today’s fiction, where most authors write “for the market,” using formulas that have worked for others, and few dare to step out from the vanilla norm.